Waxing may not seem like a luxury but its a necessity.
Perfectly smooth and hair free. No need to shave everyday or have annoying stubble. I offer warm wax with strips or hot wax for the more delicate areas. 

Intimate Waxing

With my advance waxing qualification, for the intimate waxing I use hot wax for all intimate waxes and underarm waxes. It is less painful than the strip wax as it adheres to the hair and not to the skin, offering more comfort for those delicate areas and longer lasting results. I offer various bikini waxes, but please be aware I may require you to remove underwear to get the best results. 

I am completely professional and work in the most discreet way, to ensure you feel comfortable throughout. You will not need to feel self-conscious with me, simply relax (as much as you can) and let me take care of the rest.